Five-Year Plan for Asian American Studies

An Asian American Studies Program Steering Committee is currently engaged in developing the curriculum, resources, and governance documents to support the operation of Asian American Studies under the oversight of the Center for American Intercultural Studies.

Its strategic plan for the next five years anticipates the following:

  • Creation of a faculty line with research and/or teaching focus in Asian American issues.
  • Developing courses that will contribute to the building of a program in Asian American Studies and to the enhancement of academic diversity at Iowa State.
  • Sponsoring campus events and activities that highlight the heritage of Asian Americans
  • Collaboration with other ethnic studies programs supervised by the Center for American Intercultural Studies to produce a curriculum emphasizing the relations among American ethnic and cultural groups.


LAS 103. Frontiers of the Discipline. (1-0) Cr. 1. S. Prereq: First-year student. Seminar focusing entirely on the on “cutting edge” research activities of faculty members. Satisfactory-fail only.

A. General

B. Humanities

C. Communication

D. Mathematics and Natural Sciences

E. Social Sciences

LAS 325. Introduction to Asian American Studies. (3-0) Cr. 3. F. Prereq: Engl 250. A survey of the peoples in the United States who trace their origins to Asia, focusing primarily on the experiences of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Indian, and Southeast Asian Americans. Study and discussion of history, culture, literature, social relations, and political participation of these groups, with assigned readings, writings, and in-class presentations. See Course Information.

LAS 328X. Asian American Cultural History. Cr. 3. S. Prereq: Engl 250. A broad exposure to the cultural expressions of Asian Americans from the nineteenth century to the presents. Of primary concern will be analyzing everyday Asian American cultural experiences within the contexts of agency, power, and identity formation. A strong focus on interdisciplinary informs this course.